It’s important to make a good and sustainable product. You fall in love with it when you first see it, and each time you use it, it evokes something. Because you love it you tend to it for years to come, eventually replacing the fabric and finally passing it on to your kids. That’s the essence of good design.


By narrowing it down to its very essence, puik reimagines Dutch design. The remaining monumental elements are recomposed into new originals, forming an ever-growing collection by Dutch design’s finest.


Design has a transformative quality: it can lift up a space and render it extraordinary. We create iconic ‘wow’ items to excite instantly and remember forever. That’s the magic of working with top designers such as Richard Hutten, Lex Pott, Frederik Roije and Ontwerpduo.


Good design is only excellent when it’s good for all parties involved, including our planet. High standards should be nonnegotiable, so puik sets the bar high and keeps its footprint low.